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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weather Watchers -- ice and wind

Ice Experiments

Students were asked to predict which group of ice will melt faster?
  • Ice wrapped in newspaper
  •  an ice cube
  • an ice cube with salt sprinkled on it  
  • crushed ice 
  • ice sitting with Lego

             Throughout the morning,  students had an opportunity to investigate our ice cubes.  Students discovered the ice cube with salt sprinkled on it dissolved the quickest.  The ice cube all alone and the ice with Lego were 'tied'.  Lego made no difference to how the ice melted.  But putting ice in newspaper slowed down the melting process.

More Ice Exploration!!

Students loved the ice exploration.  All day students investigated hands on with the ice cubes and block. 

 At 3:30 p.m. the ice block was still thawing!!! 

What is Wind?

"It blows stuff," said Lucas.
"Wind is air in your mouth," answered Alex, as he blew air from his mouth.
"Wind is blowing," said Savannah.
"Winds moves sail boats," responded Naythin.

Next week, students will have opportunities to create rainbow kites, blow paint with straws, and make rain sticks. Please continue to talk about the weather with your child on a daily basis. Encourage you child to describe the weather to you including details about temperature, cloud cover, precipitation (rain, snow, sleet), and wind.