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Thursday, 24 November 2011

"Not A Box"

This week, we shared the story "Not A Box" by Antoinette Portis with the students. This story is about a bunny that uses his imagination to pretend that his box is a race car, a mountain, a hot air ballon and many other things. We then presented the students with two large boxes. The students decided to turn one into a train and the other into a rocketship. Here are some pictures of us while we were making the rocketship.

Joel said, "We need a door!". Hussein said it should be a rectangle shape. Dalida helped to make cone for the top of the rocketship.

Faith, Jazmin and Nour made an astronaut outfit for Trenton. Tristan and Brooke used boxes to make a computer for the rocketship. Sabrina wrote the word "BLASTOFF" under the launch button that Aidan and Hussein made.

All of the students worked well together to determine the shapes needed for the windows and the door. The students used red tissue paper for the fire coming out of the exhaust, and we are now working on creating wings. Trenton told us that they need to be triangles, so we will continue working on this together.