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Saturday, 29 October 2011


Over the last few weeks, we have been exploring numbers and letters at the different centers in the classroom.

The over head with letters at the paint easel that Mrs. Kelly setup was very popular. We had a waiting list everyday that this activity was out for the children to explore.

Maya was very proud when she finished making her name out of play dough.

Fishing for letters in the Science Room

The children enjoyed practising letters and their sounds using our new "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" tree.

More pictures from Blak's Bakery -- Mrs. Taylor and Ms. Palmer's class

October 27th --
Our first field trip was a great learning experience.  It was great to visit a local business. 

Each student had an opportunity to choose a Fall cookie cutter, and to decorate their cookie with sprinkles.

Mr. Blak explained how bread is made, what machines they use, and what ingredients are necessary. 

Gracie compared bread dough and play dough.
She thought they felt the same.

The Oven
We all thought this was the biggest oven we had ever seen. 
 This oven is much different from the ovens in our homes.

Mrs. Taylor was put to work.
She used oven mitts to protect her hands.  The bread was very hot.

Kaylo tried to carry a bag of flour.  It was very heavy.

Student's Voice-- What do you learn at the bakery?
Danny - "Yes, I ate the cookie at home. It was yummy.  I ate all of it."
Haven-Taylor-  "The dough felt like my cats."
Gracie- "I saw all kinds of things.  I saw the spinner thing where the dough goes, cookie cutters, bread and brown bread."
Kyiah -  "I cooked cookies."
Savannah - "I learned at the bakery that they put flour and some milk in the mixer." 
Cameron H - "I made cookies, a pumpkin."
Cheyenne - "I learned that we have to put salt in bread."
Ally - "I make cookies.  I learned about dough."
Natasha - "I learned that making cookies is fun."

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Box

A Box Inquiry

"What could you do with a box?"

Many students were interested in playing with the box. 
We decided to list and vote for the BEST box idea.
A dragon, a house and a car were the children's choices.

As you can see the car was their favourite idea.

Ms. Palmer cut a large hole in the box for the students to be able to sit and drive in the car.

To decorate the car, students cut paper and shapes, drew pictures and wrote words on construction paper.

Students took turns playing in the car.  Two at a time for 5 minutes each.  They took turns by signing up.

Student's Voice
This is what the students said about the car ---
Alex- "I liked it when I had a turn."
Savannah- "My favourite part was driving the car."
Lydia- "I was pretending I was in the firetruck and drive to a fire.  I was a firefighter girl!"
Lucas - "I was pretending that I was in the firetruck and that I was a fireman. Alex and I were putting the fire out!"
Cheyenne - "My favourite part was sitting in the front."
Gracie - "I was driving in the front. And I like Hannah playing with me in the car."

Finger Painting

Finger Painting on our Light Tables

Student's Voice while their were finger painting.
Naythin - "It reminds me of my mom."
Kaylo - "We are making brown."
Harmony - "Look, we have blue hands.  The colours are turning."
Naythin - "We are using colours to turn the paint."
Hannah - "We are going to wash our hands really good.  I love yellow. This is fun."
Hamoudy -"We are mixing clolours."
Hannan - "The paint is sticking to me."
Branden - "I drew the world.
Gracie - "I'm making letters in the paint."

The following day the student's painted letters on overheads to create our own "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" tree.

Also, the students had an opportunity to practise the formation of the letters.  They traced the letters from an overhead projector.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Light Table Inquiry

Haven-Taylor was interested in sorting the buttons.  She began sorting the buttons by placing them onto one her favourite books about cats.  She was sorting the buttons to match the colour of the cats.
 Soon many friends joined into Haven-Taylor's inquiry.

During the inquiry one of the buttons looked black on the light table, when they placed the button onto the book, it changed to white.  Haven -Taylor asked "Why does that happen?"

Leland is sorting by colour on the Light Table

Curriculum Expectation:
Data Management 5.1
sort, classify, and compare objects and describe the attributes used

Many students visited the light table to use the props to retell the story Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears.

Curriculum Expectation:
1.10  orally retell simple events and simple familiar stories in proper sequence
2.9  retell stories, in proper sequence, that have been read by and with the Early Years Team, using pictures in book and /or props

Learning through Inquiry

Students using clay to practise letter formations.


What students observed:
Robert noticed the tornado was 'spinning'.
Tristan observed the water raining down the side.
Aaliyah saw bubbles.
Aidan said, "It's making circles."
Jamie saw sparkles.
Joey said, "It looks like a storm."
Robert observed that there's more water at the top.
Tristan shared that if you see the circular motion, that motion is called an undertow.
Lily said, "I see a tornado."
Gage said, "It's leaking."

What student's observed experimenting with colours:
Nour said, "I mixed red and yellow.  I made orange."
Lydia mixed red and blue to make purple.
Tasha mixed blue and yellow, she made green.

Building Centre
Elijah said. 'Look, I built a tower."
Haven-Taylor responded, " I helped, we did it together."


Textile Discovery

 Shaving Cream Experience

Jolie, one of our daily writers!!!

What are you looking at?
Lucas replied," I am looking at the world."

 "Mrs. Kelly, take a picture of Me!!!"