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Saturday, 29 October 2011

More pictures from Blak's Bakery -- Mrs. Taylor and Ms. Palmer's class

October 27th --
Our first field trip was a great learning experience.  It was great to visit a local business. 

Each student had an opportunity to choose a Fall cookie cutter, and to decorate their cookie with sprinkles.

Mr. Blak explained how bread is made, what machines they use, and what ingredients are necessary. 

Gracie compared bread dough and play dough.
She thought they felt the same.

The Oven
We all thought this was the biggest oven we had ever seen. 
 This oven is much different from the ovens in our homes.

Mrs. Taylor was put to work.
She used oven mitts to protect her hands.  The bread was very hot.

Kaylo tried to carry a bag of flour.  It was very heavy.

Student's Voice-- What do you learn at the bakery?
Danny - "Yes, I ate the cookie at home. It was yummy.  I ate all of it."
Haven-Taylor-  "The dough felt like my cats."
Gracie- "I saw all kinds of things.  I saw the spinner thing where the dough goes, cookie cutters, bread and brown bread."
Kyiah -  "I cooked cookies."
Savannah - "I learned at the bakery that they put flour and some milk in the mixer." 
Cameron H - "I made cookies, a pumpkin."
Cheyenne - "I learned that we have to put salt in bread."
Ally - "I make cookies.  I learned about dough."
Natasha - "I learned that making cookies is fun."