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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

FireFighters Visit - October 18th

Our Little Fire Fighters

The Equipment 

 Mrs. DeYoung trying on the Fire Fighter's Equipment
She thought it was very heavy.

Some of our friends exploring the inside of a fire truck.

What the Students Learned --

Lucas - "I learned that some firefighters don't have dogs."
Cheyenne - "I learned that if there was a fire, and we had animals DON'T go back in."
Maya - " I learned they will pick me up and put me in the truck.  I saw lots of stuff in there."
Kaylo - "I learned they put out the fire."
Hannah S - "I learned that fire is dangerous and we don't want to get burned."
Ally - "We need to put the fire out."
Lydia - "Stop, drop and roll."
Savannah - "I liked to do the exercises with the Firefighters."

Message to Parents:
  • Please remember to check your fire alarms.  Firefighters recommend a working alarm on every level of your home.
  • In case of a fire in your home, create a fire escape plan and make sure all members of your family know "the meeting place" once they are outside.  (Example: neighbours front porch, tree)