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Friday, 28 October 2011

The Box

A Box Inquiry

"What could you do with a box?"

Many students were interested in playing with the box. 
We decided to list and vote for the BEST box idea.
A dragon, a house and a car were the children's choices.

As you can see the car was their favourite idea.

Ms. Palmer cut a large hole in the box for the students to be able to sit and drive in the car.

To decorate the car, students cut paper and shapes, drew pictures and wrote words on construction paper.

Students took turns playing in the car.  Two at a time for 5 minutes each.  They took turns by signing up.

Student's Voice
This is what the students said about the car ---
Alex- "I liked it when I had a turn."
Savannah- "My favourite part was driving the car."
Lydia- "I was pretending I was in the firetruck and drive to a fire.  I was a firefighter girl!"
Lucas - "I was pretending that I was in the firetruck and that I was a fireman. Alex and I were putting the fire out!"
Cheyenne - "My favourite part was sitting in the front."
Gracie - "I was driving in the front. And I like Hannah playing with me in the car."