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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Learning through Inquiry

Students using clay to practise letter formations.


What students observed:
Robert noticed the tornado was 'spinning'.
Tristan observed the water raining down the side.
Aaliyah saw bubbles.
Aidan said, "It's making circles."
Jamie saw sparkles.
Joey said, "It looks like a storm."
Robert observed that there's more water at the top.
Tristan shared that if you see the circular motion, that motion is called an undertow.
Lily said, "I see a tornado."
Gage said, "It's leaking."

What student's observed experimenting with colours:
Nour said, "I mixed red and yellow.  I made orange."
Lydia mixed red and blue to make purple.
Tasha mixed blue and yellow, she made green.

Building Centre
Elijah said. 'Look, I built a tower."
Haven-Taylor responded, " I helped, we did it together."


Textile Discovery

 Shaving Cream Experience

Jolie, one of our daily writers!!!

What are you looking at?
Lucas replied," I am looking at the world."

 "Mrs. Kelly, take a picture of Me!!!"