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Sunday, 13 November 2011



Students are learning to identify and describe repeating patterns in everyday contexts, using oral expressions and gestures.  Each day we will be looking around the classrooms, at our clothing, outside, and in books for different patterns.  

On Wednesday, November 16th we will be having a Pattern Day

Please send your child wearing clothing with a pattern to school.  
Before hand, talk to your child about his/her pattern. 

 These questions may help guide you. 
  • What is your pattern rule?
  • How can you extend your pattern? 
  • Are you wearing any other patterns?
  • Where else do you see patterns?
  • What can you tell me about those patterns? 

   At school, we are learning to identify, create, reproduce and extend repeating patterns through investigation, using a variety of materials.  See the pictures below and ask your child about the patterns created at school.

Cereal Necklaces

Drawing different shape and colour patterns

Nature patterns

Music patterns

Mark it on your calendars --
On Wednesday, November 16th we will be having a Pattern Day