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Monday, 27 February 2012

Learning about safety around dogs.

Early this month, a Veterinarian Technician from a local Animal Hospital visited each class.  She taught us about safety around dogs.

First, you must use your eyes to look at the dog and to see how they are feeling and acting.

Then, you use your mouth to ask your parents and the owner if you can pet the dog.

Finally, you make your hand into a fist and have the dog smell you to determine if the dog wants you to pet them. You will know it is OK because the dog will lick your hand and use their head to push your hand while you pet them.

Also, the Veterinarian Technician taught us how to be safe around a stray or lost dog that may be wandering through your neighborhood.

If there is a stray dog where you are walking or playing, you should not call it over or make eye contact.  If the dog comes near you, stand still with arms at your side and your hands crossed in front of you while looking down at your feet.

If the dog stays around or starts to jump up at you,  curl up in a ball on the ground covering your head and face. 

Most importantly, DO NOT RUN away from any dog.  The dog may think you want to play, and it may chase  and/or jump up on you.

Some other important facts we learned were:
- when a dog is eating do not pet or bother them
- when a dog is scared or hungry it is best to leave them alone
- dogs don't like to be hugged tightly
- in the summer they need lots of water to stay hydrated

Please remember to give your dog exercise, food, water, regular check-ups with the Vet and lots of love.

How do you think the dogs in the next 3 pictures are feeling? Which ones would you pet?