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Saturday, 18 February 2012

100 Days of School

Can you believe we have already been in school for
100 days!!!

We started off the day displaying a variety of 100 items on the tables. We discussed how different 100 looks depending on the shape and size of the manipulatives.

100 Silly Bands

100 paper clips

100 straws

100 blue M&M's

100 cups
The students enjoyed stacking and building with the cups throughout the day.

100 dominoes

Some classes had a scavenger hunt around the room to look for 100 items. In Mrs. Taylor's class, Lucas predicted it would take 4 minutes to find 100 mini chocolate bars.

It took 6 minutes and 15 seconds.

Below are some activities the students engaged in throughout the day.

At this centre students were asked to count 100 Fruit Loops, then string the cereal onto yarn to make a "100 necklace".  This centre was time consuming and taught the students how to be patient when practising their fine motor skills.

The students made their predictions as they signed in today.  We attached the paperclips and links together, then compared the lengths. We also connected 100 straws in the basement hall.  We were all surprised to see how far down the basement hallway they reached.

Thank you to the all the students who brought in 100 items.
The kids enjoyed counting them on a hundreds chart or grouping them by 10. 
Items from home included: different types of cereals, pennies, beads, pencils, pony tail elastics, rocks, Q-tips, hearts and the list goes on....

Ideas for home -- choose a smaller number to explore. 

Ideas for exploring the number 5.
  • count items that come in 5 (fingers, toes, packages of food items)
  • skip count by 5 (5, 10, 15, 25, 30, 35, ect.)
  • write words that contain 5 letters

Additional ideas to explore a larger number -- 25.
  • talk about money and the value of a quarter
  • count by 25 to 200
  • find items around the house, then count to 25 using one to one correspondence
  • make 5 groups of 5

days of Playing, Exploring and Learning!!!