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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tower Inquiry

After putting out the straws and connectors, we noticed that the students were interested in building a large tower.  Aidan looked at the instruction sheet and decided that he wanted to follow the diagram to make the Eiffel Tower.

After several attempts and much frustration, we devised a new plan.  We looked at a variety of different towers on the internet, and we checked out books from the library.  We talked about what we noticed in the designs of the towers.... the shapes, the patterns....

The students then decided to try again, but this time they wanted to draft pictures of their own towers and then begin construction.

 Referring to a picture in a book during construction.
 This student was excited to show us her dress with the Eiffel Tower on it.
 The students worked cooperatively to build this tower.  They are all so proud.
After how many links tall the tower is, we measured it together.  We were surprised to find out it is only 67 links tall.  Most of us estimated 100.  We will be measuring it with other manipulatives in the classroom this week and we will also be using a measuring tape as suggested by some students.