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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Working Together

In our program, the Early Years Team works each day with the children on their "problem solving" skills. Activities that engage children in problem-solving help them to identify and set goals and to develop attention and persistence. They also assist children in developing flexibility in thinking and to begin to recognise and reflect on consequences and relationships of cause and effect. Importantly, success in finding solutions helps children gain confidence in themselves as individuals, social beings and learners.

Building with blocks is always a popular center that shows students' ability to work together, sharing materials and solving construction problems.

 Faith started to build this "Rocket ship" by herself but welcomed Brooklyn and Kyra when they wanted to help her.

Students in Mrs. Taylor's class designed a bus and went on an adventure around town!!!

The students collaboratively created a parking garage on one of our tree stumps.

Another example that emphaizes the importance of teamwork and problem solving is the Lassi Table.

There is a writing table in each classroom where the students will find a variety of writing materials.  This picture shows students designing and writing Valentine's Day cards.  Often, students will ask each other for correct spelling or use word cards.

Taking turns while playing games helps to teach cooperation. Students are also learning to develop good communication skills as they discuss whose turn it is and the matches that they have found in their cards.

Students here are learning to work together as a group to create patterns.  They engage in math talk with each other as they explain their thinking.

 Students here are working together to figure out how to measure some snakes.