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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Our Dramatic Centre has evolved....

into a Bakery

These two students found these materials around the room and stated, "Let's make cookies!"
Together we made a list of materials needed to create a bakery.
'Baking on Giles'

We made baking clay.

 The students were very created! 

Also, we made play dough for students to use their imaginations while baking.  
Labelling bins and baskets gave students opportunities to write in the bakery.  
 Also, some students would take orders and make change for 'customers'.

 Mrs. Iandolo decorated cupcakes with our students.
There are many benefits for our early learners to engage at the Dramatic Play:
  • Dramatic play encourages a child to communicate their thoughts through the eyes others.   Children will mimics what they see adults do.


  • Children learn the foundations of social behaviour through dramatic play. By pretending they are someone else, they learn how other people feel and act.

  • Dramatic play allows children to sort through emotions and situations that they may not understand.  
  • Engaging in dramatic play develops cognitive function.  For example, free play develops self-regulation, which is the function that allows a child to pay attention when need be and control their emotions.