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Monday, 25 November 2013

Amazing Things have been happening....



Tracking Print
Invented spelling using letter sound knowledge
Smartboard Experiences
Creating shapes and letters using marshmallows and popsicle sticks
Experimenting with ramps and measuring how far cars travel
Graphing healthy verse junk food
Building 'castles' using 3D figures
Painting with marbles (mixing colours)
Creating art (free choice)
This girl made this flower for her Mother.
Building with Lego
Sorting (colour, shape and size)
Designing marble mazes
Designing costumes for each other
Blue Day
Experimenting mixing colours and responding to 
little blue and little yellow' by Leo Lionni 

Finger painting a blue ocean
Mixing colours using spinners and paint 
Students having a picnic 
Have you seen our new birdfeeders in the back of the school?
Mr. Taylor showed us how to properly dig holes for the 4x4's using a hand auger, how to measure the holes to be sure there were deep enough, how to secure the post for the cement to hold and how to use a drill.   

 I wonder..... will all the birdseed be gone after the weekend?
I wonder... what kind of birds visited our new bird feeders?