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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Check out the class on Twitter!!!

Benefits of T 
For the remaining part of the year, I will no longer be blogging, instead I will be sharing students learning through my Twitter home page, a social media webpage.  Students' work will be posted, pictures, creations and reminders. You do not need to sign up with a Twitter account to view the webpage, but I encourage you to follow the AMAZING LEARNING JOURNEY of your child. 

By signing up for Twitter and following the class, you will be automatically notified by email when something FANTASTIC is Happening in Your Child’s Class.  You will receive an instant message through email that we have tweeted!!!  Twitter provides real time events in the classroom, quick and easy to post compared blogging from home.  Twitter allows opportunities for sharing tweets with your child and to talk about their day and ask more questions to expand their learning.

I will Tweet for the very first time on November 26th. 
Check it out at