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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Planting, Colour Experiments, Community Walk, Celebrating Our Learning and so much more

This week has been so busy, hence the one and only blog entry.  We have so many things to celebrate and acknowledge!! I'm not even sure where to begin...

Creating and Drawing

This boy built a truck, counted the wheels, drew the shapes, then used yarn to design his garage!

Dance and Movement

Students would line up the chairs and take turns modelling their dance move.
Following dance routines from the Smart board has become a favourite for many students!

Building and Constructing
Some of the student's creations are starting to get more elaborate. 
They are using materials from around the room.
This girl is using materials from our BEAUTIFUL STUFF containers.
'Open Art' allows children to use their imagination and create whatever is on their mind!
A BIG thank you goes out to Salon 1309.  This was our first community walk to a local business.  Students have been very interested and learning about hair styling and equipment hair stylist use.
Many expectations were covered through this community walk. 
Personal and Social Development
3.1 recognize people in their community and talk about what they do
3.2 recognize places and building within their community
1.7 use specialized vocabulary for a variety of purposes
Thank you to all the parents who volunteered on our rainy adventure. 
We truly appreciate your time and help.  We plan on visiting many local business (based on the children's interest) throughout the school year.  
A thank you card for Salon 1309!
Planting seeds

Potting a variety of house plants
Another BIG thank you to LOWE'S for the generously donating plants, pots and soil to our inspired Reggio Emilia classroom. 
Related Curriculum Expectations:
Science and Technology
3.4 participate in environmentally friendly activities in the classroom and the schoolyard (e.g. plant and tend to plants)
3.3 identify ways in which they can care for and show respect for the environment


Next week, we will be continuing this colour mixing inquiry.


Object of the Day
When your child is the Special Person of the day, they will have learning to do at home. 
 In addition, they will be presenting an Object of the day with 3 clues.  Ally's mustache was a huge hit.
Dramatic Play
Our future teachers!
Celebrating our Learning with Parents and Grandparents
Thank you for all the parent and grandparents who were able to attend on Friday Morning.
A few key reminders to those you were not able to attend:
  • The students share an area to hang their coats.  Daily children forget to hang their jackets and gather their own clothing.  Therefore, please LABEL everything.
  • We engage and foster independence.  At home, please have your child practise putting on their own winter wear.  If possible send MITTENS, not gloves.  We have 25 students in the class, gloves would entail us to assist with placing 250 little fingers into 250 finger holes!!!!AAAHHHH
  • Physical Education is currently on Friday's.  Please send indoor shoes on Friday's.  This will change when there is a holiday or PA day.
  • We are a SCENT FREE classroom.
  • Literacy/Numeracy bags will begin this week.  More information will follow.