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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Meet the Teachers

Meet your Child's Teachers

Throughout the day, your child spends the majority of his or her time in their classroom with 3 adults.
Mrs. Taylor - Homeroom Teacher
I believe that children learn BEST through inquiry in a play-based program. 
Never underestimate the value of play!

Miss Zilio
Miss Zilio is joining the Prince Edward's Early Years Team.  
Mrs. Taylor and Miss Zilio will be teaching partners. 
Her background specializes in Early Childhood Education.

Ms. Brown
Ms. Brown has been part of the Prince Edward Team for numerous years.  Her role in the classroom is an Education Assistant supporting the students.   Ms. Brown goes beyond the call of duty with her hard work and dedication to the Breakfast Program and provides daily snacks to all the homerooms.

Mrs. Wong supervises the students daily during their first nutritional break.

Mrs. Flynn teaches the students in the Learning Commons (aka the Library).
She provides the students with opportunities using thh Smart board, book browse and centres.

You may recognize the following three friendly faces.  They cover Mrs. Taylor's preparation time at 9:00am.  They spend time with your child during Outdoor Learning and Morning Centres. 
Ms. McIntosh

Mrs. Mosco

Mrs. Lesperance

Stay tuned for my next post about your child's daily schedule!!