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Monday, 30 January 2012

Winter Animal Week

Last week, the students learned about animals that prepare for winter and animals that hibernate during the cold winter months.   They listened to a variety of fiction and non-fiction stories.  Students were given opportunities to retell the stories by acting them out and using props.  

Some of the read-alouds were:
"Winter Lullaby"  
"Hibernation Station"
"Time to Sleep"

Questions to ask your children at home -
Which animals hibernate?
How do animals prepare for hibernation?
Where do animals hibernate?
What other animals do NOT hibernate? How do those animals prepare for the cold months?

Go on an adventure with your child to one of our local parks and look for animals that do not hibernate and their tracks?

Making Bird feeders

Each student was given an opportunity to make a bird feeder for their own yard.
The students covered a pine cone with lard and then rolled it in birdseed.
 (donated by Lowe's and Home Depot). 

Some of the other centres around the room:

Hay/Straw (frogs and insects)

Rocks and Dirt  (snakes and lizards)
Students used various materials to create a cozy and warm den for hibernating bears.

SCIENCE Curriculum expectations:
1.3 explore patterns in the natural and built world
3.2 describe what would happen if something in the local environment changed
3.3 identify ways in which they can care for and show respect for the environment
3.4 participate in environmentally friendly activities in the classroom and schoolyard