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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Print Making

Print Making

Last week, we noticed that fewer students were utilizing the paint easels.  So we came up with NEW ideas.

For art, the students created a simple picture using white glue.  After a full day of drying, the students used a foam paint brush to cover their glue image.  Then, they stamped the image onto a white paper to create a print.  Some students made many prints from their glue image.

Students are always showing an interest in vehicles.  Daily, students create and build various structures (motorcycles, fire trucks, buses, cars) with the wooden blocks.  To develop this interest, students had an opportunity to paint with various trucks.  Many students chose to create truck tracks, and many visited this centre more than once!

Dinosaurs  are another very popular topic in the classroom. Dinosaurs are often chosen for play time.  In the past, dinosaurs have been used in the sand and water table, with the building blocks, on the light table, and drawn for still art. Students were excited to use the dinosaurs to create dinosaur prints.

Other Print Making Ideas students enjoyed are:
- foot prints
- circle and square prints 
- cookie cutter prints