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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Snow Inquiry

Our students REALLY enjoyed playing in the snow during the outdoor play time. Mrs. Kelly and a few students decided it would be a great idea to explore snow inside the classroom. A few students went outside to bring snow into the school.

Snow was explored in Mrs. Kelly's room and Mrs. Taylor's room.

In Mrs. Kelly's room, the students were interested in the fact that the texture of the snow had changed now that we had brought it into our classroom. While we were playing outside, the snow was light and fluffy. We tried to build snowmen, but we couldn't form large enough balls with the snow. Inside the classroom, the students noticed that the snow was heavier and that we could form it into shapes.

Brooke said, "I made a triangle pizza."

Dalida said, "I made a little snowman."

After lunch, we noticed that the science table was now filled with water. 
Trenton said, "It melted."
Aaliyah said, "It turned into a liquid because it is too, too hot in our school."

In Mrs. Taylor's room, Harmony and Maggie were interested in changing the colours of the snow. Blue, yellow and orange were added.

The friends in the water table wanted to dump the snow into the water table. We made predictions of what they thought would happen.
Lucas said, "The snow would melt".
Alex said, "The water would freeze up".
Lydia said, "All of it would turn into ice."
Elijah said, "The cars would get stuck in there."
Lucas also added, "The snow would melt because we are in the school."
Finally, after many predictions, Alex said very excitedly, "LET'S TEST IT!"

What the student's noticed --
Lucas said,"It's turning green!"
Lydia replied, "It's changing colours. The water is colder."

It was only a few minutes before all the snow melted in the warm water.
What happened to the snow?
Lucas said, "I don't see any ice. No more snow. It melted."

Our students enjoyed bringing the snow into the classroom.  During our next outdoor play period the students asked to bring in small chucks of ice into the classroom to watch it melt.  So we did!!!
The chunks of ice took much longer to melt in the water table, and the water was very cold.  Gracie said, "Her hands were like ice cubes -- freezing!!!"  
SCIENCE Curriculum Expectations:

2.1 pose questions before and during investigations
2.2 make predictions and observations before and during investigations
2.3 select and use materials to carry out their own explorations
2.4 communicate results and finding from individual and group investigations