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Sunday, 4 December 2011

What did you learn at school today? -- At home discussions

We have had a very busy week. 
Browse the pictures below and read the captions with your child.  Your child can recall and discuss what he/she participated in last week and what he/she learned?  

We placed the dyed noodles in a variety of containers to continue practising measurement.  Ask your child to talk about other items that were measured and what tools were used to measure with (feet paces, links, ruler, tape measure)? 

Language Arts
Throughout the week the students listened to various nursery rhymes.   Recognizing letters in print and letter sounds was one of the main learning expectations.  We also talked about letter formation, and that some letters have straight lines and some letters have curves.   Students were given opportunities to explore printing their names using pudding, yarn and glue. Some of the Nursery Rhymes we explored this week were:
- Mary had a Little Lamb
- Hickory Dickory Dock
- Row, Row, Row your Boat
- Humpty Dumpty

In the picture above, the students were on Day 3 of creating Humpty Dumpty using paper mache.  They started this process using a small balloon to keep the structure in the shape of Humpty Dumpty.  Then, they used torn newspaper paper, glue, and flour mixed together.  The students had a great time and their characters looked great!!

Popular Centres
Building Blocks
This week the students built buildings, castles, and dinosaur homes out of our foam blocks.  They discussed how tall their buildings were.

Doll House


We are happy to announce a great new resource to our kindergarten program -- an interactive smartboard.

A New Look

We have changed some of our classrooms around.  Our carpet is now located in the middle of the room.  This allows for the tables to be spread out for quiet and more focussed learning.