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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Personal Hygiene

This week we discussed personal hygiene. We talked about the importance of keeping ourselves clean, ways to prevent the spreading of germs, and the different tools to use for cleaning ourselves.

Some of the recommended tools:

face cloths

shampoo and conditioner

body wash or soap

nail brush

hair brush

nail clippers

Q - tips

tooth brush

tooth paste

dental floss

mouth wash

Students created germs and bug hats.

Discuss with your child some of the ways to

prevent the spreading of germs.

- cough into your sleeve (like a vampire)

- blow your nose with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the garbage immediately

- wash your hands while singing The ABC'S

- wash your hands before and after you eat

- wash your hands after you use the bathroom

- wash your hands after you play with an animal

- wash your hands after you play outside


We rubbed "Glow in the Dark" cream on our hands. We then washed our hands at the sink. The students then placed their hands under the glow light to see the common areas that are missed while washing hands (back of hands and between the fingers).

We rinsed our mouths with Agent Cool Mouthwash that tints plaque to show areas on our teeth that need better brushing.

Also, we conducted two experiments, using eggs to represent our teeth, to show the effects of liquids on our teeth.

1. We discovered an egg placed in vinegar for 2 days loses it shell and becomes squishy.
This experiment demonstrated for the students that if you do not brush your teeth properly the acid in your mouth will create holes (cavities) in your teeth.

2. Hard boiled eggs left in a cup with some common drinks (milk, pop, Gatorade, juice) created holes (cavities) and tinted the eggs different colours.
This experiment demonstrated for the students the effects of eating and drinking items that are high in sugar.