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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Continuing to Learn about Countries Around the World

Learning about countries around the world...
Jamaica and Trinidad

Ms. Palmer showed us the flags from where her parents were born.
Through discussion, the students compared the flags to the Canadian Flag.

At the art table, students were given opportunities to design their own flag that represents themselves and their interests.


Aaliyah's grandmother and mother visited the Early Years program today and talked about Guyana, their native country. She showed us a picture of the Guyana flag. They discussed how Guyana is warm all year around becuase it is close to the Equator. They also talked with the students about the types of foods they eat in Guyana. The students also enjoyed listening to and singing songs that Aaliyah's grandmother used to sing when she was a child growing up in Guyana.


Ms. Lee talked with the students about life in China. She brought in many props such as a silk robe, a wok, a bag of rice, and chopsticks.

Earlier in the week, the students created a Chinese Dragon using a box for the head and a tablecloth for the body. Today the students had the opportunity to play instruments while other students were marching around wearing the dragon.

Mr. Romano came into the kindergarten program today to talk to the students about his family heritage. He shared stories with the students about his "Nona" and read the story "Strega Nona" to the class.