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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Welcome Back for the 2013- 2014 school year!!!

Check out our play based classroom centres.
The Writing Centre
Our writing centre includes paper, writing utensils, stamps, stencils, clipboards and the list goes on.  Students have assess to all the materials for them to write, create and draw freely throughout the day.
The Block Centre
Our block centre includes a variety of blocks varying in size and shape, tools and manipulatives (people, animals, dinosaurs, vehicles, doll furniture, etc.) to add to the student's creations and expand their imagination.  Clip boards and easels are available for students to draw and write about their structures, this provides opportunities for boys to be more interested in writing.   

Dramatic Play Centre 
Traditionally, young students feel most comfortable in a drama centre set up as a house.  As the year continues, we follow their interests and the house centre evolves into other play settings.  For example, students inquiries may lead to a Hair Salon, a Doctor's Office, a Pet Store, Tim Horton's, a Dress Shop, a Bakery, and list continues with a children's imagination!  Also, we have a puppet theater set up for students to create or retell stories. 
Art Centre/Painting
Art has many different meanings to people.  Just remember, "It is the process and not the product"  Your child will come home with creations that might not look like anything, but if you ask them....they will have a story to tell. 

"Process" means allowing children to explore art materials with freedom without the pressure to copy a model or stay in the lines. Process is experimenting with paints, watching the mixing colors, and feeling the textures of more or less. Process is gluing various sizes, shapes, and colors of paper together to create a collage. It is experimenting with  an atypical creation - building with blocks, legos, foam blocks and shaving cream! Process is freedom to experiment and enjoy the feeling of creating without being concerned with the outcome or the product. Process is creating something that is uniquely yours and not a copy of someone else's. It is about being proud of your own imagination, ideas and creativity!

 Sand and Water Centre
At the sand and water centre, students have opportunities to build friendships while measuring, comparing, observing, problem solving and imagining with different tools.  Throughout the year, sand and water will be replaced with other sensory materials, such as rice, seeds, beans, shaving cream, a cornstarch and water mixture. 
Math Centre
These bins are full of math manipulatives and games for students to play.
To start off the year, we have included some popular Fine Motor activities, such as Lego, Playdoo, and Mr. Potato Head. 
When children construct puzzles there are developing problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination and self esteem. 
Science Centre
In the science centre students explore, observe, wonder, predict and participate in conducting experiments.   This table is waiting for students to arrive with interesting items from the great outdoors! 
Our light table
Listening Centre
Audio books provides an important introduction to LISTENING-- an essential skill needed to read.  Hearing a book on tape or cd helps to see how words on a page can come alive! 

Reading Centre
Reading, writing, listening and speaking are all connected.  We have 2 quiet areas for students to relax and read books with their peers.  However, your child has opportunities to read a variety of print at all centres.  For example, at the house centre there are cook books and the science centre includes books about animals and nature. 

Class Computer
Also, we have a class IPad to research our 'Wonderings'.
Meeting Area
Sharing and Reflection Circle
One of our favourite parts of the day-- SHARING and REFLECTION TIME.  Students sign up to share a creation, art, song or writing that they have created that day. Sharing time boosts their self esteem, teaches them to write their name and eventually a sentence telling the class what they are sharing. 

The walls are bare waiting for your child's creations to stand out and brighten the room with their unique art, drawings, observations and learning story's. 
We are very excited for this year to begin. 
See you on September 9th!