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Thursday, 16 May 2013

An Inquiry that has continued all year....

How one boy's love for basketball provoked the interest of many other students.
Kaylo loves the sport basketball.  
He enjoys playing, drawing, watching, reading and talking basketball. 
During learning centres, he would draw many pictures, read books and share his knowledge of basketball with his friends and teachers daily. 

Kaylo independently wrote all the basketball teams and their locations!

Soon his friends began drawing pictures and talking basketball as well.

Kaylo's interest in basketball, engaged his peers and sparked an interest in others.   Basketball became a topic in many subject areas.

  • Estimating and measuring
Students working together!

A morning sign in question

  • Numeration
Kaylo represented numbers through his favourite athletic stars.  Independently, he wrote each player’s name, number and team, and then put them in numeric order! 

  • Measuring with non-standard units of measurement
Michael Jordon's actually shoe size

  • Researching stats on Michael Jordon and drawing a life-size model.  The students compared their own height to that of Michael Jordan.

  • Some students choose to paper mache a balloon and paint it orange to resemble a basketball.  This was a messy two-day step lesson.

  • Students made jerseys for the class dolls, using a pattern.  Then, adding their favourite players number.


  • Students would sign up to share their basketball pictures.  Drawings usually contained two nets, family members wearing shirts with numbers on them and one basketball.

  • A Community Event - Prince Edward annual fundraiser basketball game, Pacers vs Windsor Police supporting Hospice and Windsor Humane Society.  The students loved seeing the game in action.

  • Just this past week, Miah-Marie Langlois from the University Lancer Women's Basketball team visited our class with her trainer.  Kaylo wrote the Head Coach of the Women's Basketball team, Chantel  Vallee because he wanted some tips on how to dribble a basketball between his legs.  What an incredible experience this was for students to play ball with experts!!!