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Monday, 13 May 2013

A Marvelous Monday

Independently, Gracie wrote a book.

Lucas, with the help of Lucas drew a dump truck!

Students played with cooked spaghetti.
Students had cold hands after playing with ice cubes and digging treasures out of the coloured large cubes. 
Ahmad made a tiny ladybug and wrote about it! 
Plasticine/ Modelling Clay
Abby created a polar bear out of plasticine.  When asked, "What do you know about polar bears?", she replied, "They like to eat fish and live in the Artic."   I asked her to describe the shapes on her creation, she explained that the head was a sphere and the legs were rectangular prisms.  
Lucas excitedly ran over to me and said, 'I made me!"

Gracie made herself.
Other friends made turtles, leopards, snakes and airplanes. 
Ask your child if they visited the table with the colourful plasticine. 
What did they create?
Did they work with a partner?
What shapes were in the creation?
Responding to the story 'The Dot' by Peter Reynalds
Collaborative Art

Painting Dots
All the Friends who signed up for sharing today all choose to sing songs.
1. Abby sang her ABC's and tracked her print using a pointer.
2. Angel sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
3. Hamzah made up his own song called "5 Little Cars". 
He used the song 5 Little Ducks as his inspiration. 
4.  Kaylo sang 5 Little Frogs.
The students are getting excited for the Spring Concert.  Don't forget to Save the Date -- May 28.
We had a Marvelous Monday!!!