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Sunday, 4 November 2012

AM 800 Visit

Class of the Week Photo with Leah Hanson
The students were very excited to have an Expert on Call from Am 800 in the classroom.  Leah Hanson brought a tape recorder with a microphone to show the students have voices are recorded on the radio.  Each student had the opportunity to say their name into the microphone.  Stay tuned for Friday's broadcast to be attached to the class blog!

All the students were very excited to eat their pancake breakfast from McDonald's!!!

Learning caught on camera -- Friday's Highlights

This boy made a spaceship out of Lego.  Together we observed the shapes (small and big rectangles) he created using yellow and black, drew them on paper, then adding a title - 'Spaceship'. 
Creating stories together
This boy found a 'garage' for his truck!
Tis the season for 'FOOTBALL'
Tracing patterns,
creating and making jersey's for their little football stars!