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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Recycling Presentation

This morning the students saw a presentation from the Essex/Windsor Solid Waste Authority.

Here are some of the things they learned....

Andre- " I learned we can recycle bottles, cereal boxes and plastic boxes."
Kyiah- "We can not recycle food."
Lydia - "I learned that shoes can be made out of recycled bottles."
Brooke- "I learned from Mr. Standish what to recycle."
Yohanna- " We recycle so the trees don't get ruined and flowers don't die."
Natasha - "Now I know that Dunkaroos go in the blue box."
Cheyenne - "I learned that we have to recycle or the trees and flowers won't grow."
Ella-"I learned that water bottles go in the blue box."

Important key points to TALK with your child about:
  • the 3 R's - REDUCE  RE-USE  RECYCLE 
  • R is the 18th letter
  • Yes, Tim Horton's cup and lids can NOW be recycled
  • It is important to recycle because we want to reduce the amount of garbage and pollution, to protect the natural resources and to save land space.
  • Also, Mr. Standish discussed the importance of sorting the materials appropriately into t he red box and blue box. .

On June 10th, there is an Open House at the Essex/Windsor Solid Waste Authority facility from 10 am - 2 pm. 
For more information, look for the Enviro-tip pamphlet in your local paper or visit the website