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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

It is only Wednesday, and we have explored and learned so much...

Moments I was able to capture..

Links from the math kit make beautiful jewellery

Community Visitor -- Dairy Farmer

Mrs. Wright shared information about her dairy farm discussing the process of producing milk from cows, the value of eating local foods and other key points of living on a farm.

I was very proud of the students during the question and answer period.  All students asked questions!!! 
Some of the questions asked were:
 - Are all cows black and white?
 - Does it hurt when you remove the cows horns?
 - What are boy chickens called?
 - Do you have pigs on the farm?
 - How do cows have milk?
 - Do rabbits eat carrots?

The students enjoyed experimenting and mixing colours with the ice cubes.

Glue, Salt and Water Paint --A 2 Part ART Activity

1st day -- Design a picture using white glue, then sprinkle salt over top of the wet glue. If you look carefully the salt reacts with the glue and makes it puff out.

2nd day -- Paint over top of the glue and salt mixture

Mixing colours in shaving cream


Having fun = memories that last forever!!