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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Our visit to the Ottawa Street Dentist Office

We wanted to take the students to a Dentist office to relieve some fear and anxiety of going for a check-up.  The Dental Hygienist showed the students the tools for cleaning, shared information about proper teeth care and what would happen if they did not take care of their teeth.

Kaylo was our brave model.

What the students learned:
  • kids at their age should have 20 teeth (at around age 6, two teeth will fall out)
  • you have to brush your teeth  2 for 2 - two times a day (morning and night) for two minutes (Lydia and Kyiah)
  • there are germs in your mouth called sugar bugs (Lucas and Yohanna)
  • the sugar bugs can cause cavities that will hurt (Natasha)
Here is a song to help kids know the proper brushing technique:
Brush your teeth up like the flowers and down like the rain, then brush them back and forth like a train!!