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Friday, 6 April 2012

Balancing -- Physical Education

A favourite time for our students is Physical Education with Ms. Murray.  Our students receive Physical Education twice a week, once with all 90 students participating in a variety of free choice centres, and on the other occasion each class will have a skill learning period using different centres with only their homeroom peers.

Some of the students favourite activities are:
  • broom ball with nets

  • ball area (contains a variety of basketballs, scoops, rackets, chickens, beanbags, nets and containers) 

  • noodles (building, spaghetti and meatball game)

  • tricycles, wagons
  • hurdles and an agility ladder to jump over
  • a mini slide with tumble mats for rolling and somersaults
  • hoola hoops
  • dancing with music
  • plus many more physical opportunities using the manipulatives in a variety of ways

This week Ms. Murray introduced three new activities -- to practice BALANCING

Curriculum Expectations:
3.3 begin to demonstrate balance, whole-body and hand-eye coordination, and flexibility in movement
 balancing on a beam 

walking on a bench while bending to touch each tennis ball

 balancing a Frisbee while standing on a crate