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Friday, 15 February 2013

Student created LOVE Poem


Elijah loves writing.
Selma loves her bicycle.
Kaylo loves playing with his Ipad.
Ahmad loves his Ipad.
Ella B. loves all her toys.
Gracie loves Flordia.
Lucas M. loves cars.
Angel loves babies.
Nisjeta loves her Mom and Dad to make a brother.
Cristian loves his mom.
Izabel loves her Mom.
Kyiah Muise loves her Ipod.
Laila loves her Mom.
Cameron Loves games.
Haven Loves cats.
Hamzah loves cars.
Lucas loves monster trucks.
Ally loves snuggling her dog.
Evelyn loves painting.
Farah loves letters.
Adrian loves play dough.
Holdyn loves going someplace with Nana, Daddy, Dom and Adria.
Ella W. loves playing in the park.
Rowan loves riding his bike.
Noah loves his Mom.
Lucas loves cars.
Abby loves playing art.

Written by JK/SK    Taylor and Zilio's Class