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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fostering Writing in a Play Based Program

There are many ways to foster
Writing in a Play Based Program.

Here's some of the writing that happened this week.

Daily sign in/Question of the day

Mystery Box

White boards

Writing Centre
(making cards, mini books, signs, art)
Items that may be at a Writing Centre includes: letter stamps, alphabet books, word cards, magnetic letters, a variety of paper and writing utensils, clip boards, newspaper

Surveying the class

Drawing and labelling

Creating materials for the Dramatic Art Centre

Sign up sheet for Daily Sharing at our last circle

Important Key Notes
  • Molding with clay, using Legos, picking up beads and playing with puzzles all prepare the fingers and hands for writing.
  • Students writing should be authentic (no worksheets).  They love to write about things they are interested in (recycling boxes for dumping and class pets/insects)
  • Every child develops differently.
  • There are many different stages of writing.
  • It is OKAY for children to use best guess spelling (sounding out the words). 

Young children need writing to help them learn about reading, they need reading to help them learn about writing:
and they need oral language to help them learn about both. 
Ideas for Writing at Home
  • create a grocery list together
  • make lists (favourite things, names of family members, places you have visited)
  • make cards for relatives
  • survey family members
  • READ with your child for 20 minutes a day