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Friday, 23 September 2011

Our First 2 Weeks

The first two weeks have been very busy for us.  We are proud to announce that during reorganization we have added a forth classroom which adds an additional teacher and ECE to our Early Years Team.

The children have been very busy getting to know one another and exploring new learning activities everyday. 

Our focus has been:
  • ME
  • safety in our school 
  • sorting
  • nature in the Fall

Jack's Talent by Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Students were asked to draw a picture of their own special talent. 

National Tree Day - September 22nd
We are very fortunate that Windsor Park and Recreation donated a tree to Prince Edward School on behalf on the Kindergarten classes.  On Wednesday the students watched the gardeners plant a Maple tree on school property.  Together we sang 'The Green Grass Grows' and learned that plants need water, soil, and sunlight to grow.

We need important rules to keep us safe!!!


Sorting nature items

Pear stamping

Pear Inquiry 
- Some students noticed pears in the classroom.  Through discussion students predicted the pear seeds would be red, black or green.  Once we cut the pear open, we discovered they were white, similar to apple seeds.  Students wanted to taste our pears.  Some children thought they tasted like apples while others responded that the 'pear tasted like a pear'!

Sand Table


Dramatic Art Centre

On Friday, students in the House Centre wanted to have a birthday party.  They began bringing materials from around the classroom to create realistic cupcakes.  They used 'Play-doh' for the dough and wooden pegs to represent birthday candles.  They noticed that the tin makes 12 cupcakes, and so they needed 12 candles.

ART - Stenciling

Writing Centre

Fine Motor - Cutting

Data Management - Sorting

Beautiful Art

We will be looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday at Meet the Teacher Night.