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Thursday, 25 April 2013

All In One Day -- BUBBLE DAY

Lots of bubbles and tools in the water table to enjoy!

Students were giving photographs that were taken earlier in the year.  They could choose a photo and write what they were saying or thinking.  Some students choose pictures of their classmates and wrote what they were saying or thinking.

Here are a couple of examples:

I love playing blocks.

I was writing Michael Jordon's body and I looked at the smartboard.
When students are writing in class, they are encouraged to sound out the words and use their knowledge of letters sounds.  Also, students are encouraged to use the word wall, words around the room and to ask their peers for help.  The word wall contains many beginning and common words.  
Blowing Bubble Art
Mixture - soap, paint, water

Students blow into their own straw and make bubbles.  When the bubble are over top of the glass, they can take their paper to stamp a bubble print.  Some students experimented with putting their paper blow the cup of bubbles, then blowing enough to over flow.

Marshmallow Painting
Students used pencil crayons or markers to draw themselves  blowing bubbles.   Then, they used marshmallows to create bubbles floating in the air.

Two students cooperatively created a picture together. 
This is what they each said about their work,
Kaylo - "Me and Elijah were blowing bubbles with helmets on, and we used rainbow colours.  And we tried to do words- bubbles and Elijah tried yes."
Elijah - "We were making bubbles, some went over our faces, some are big and some are small and we made football helmets so they didn't get our faces.  Kaylo's is yellow and mine is blue.  And we tried to write words.

Stamping Fun
Ella was so proud, she ran over to me and said, "Look, the word 'the' !"

Building Blocks
A Pirate Ship
I asked the students, "Where does a pirate ship sail?"
This was their responses,
Lucas said, "Island."  I asked, "What is an island?" He responded, "It's where pirates live!"
Ally said, "Ocean."   I asked, "Can you tell me more about an ocean." She stated, "Well, an ocean has sharks, starfish, seaweed, sea plants, and crabs." She then grabbed the kaleidoscope (below) and said, "I'm looking sharks!"

 Blue Slime

Many students created worms, snakes and snails.  They compared sizes of their animals. 
  Basketball Pictures
Everyday there are always many basketball pictures!!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Some recent highlights!!
Girls designing and creating dresses, problem solving and working together.  Then, they modelled their dresses on a big block stage.
Getting messy!!
Mixture= flour, cornstarch and water

Some students created paper mache basketballs, others choose not to.  They said, "It looks to messy!"
Students have been playing and experimenting with instruments.
We use the school Ipads on a regularly.

Beach Day

Working with letters

A fork lift

A castle
Students are building many structures and vehicles with blocks.  They work together, problem solve and add toys from around the room to make their structures more interesting.
Cutting Exercise
Practicing to use scissors is an excellent way to increase muscle control in little hands.

The SHARING board is always filled. 
Many students try to write a sentences with a period at the end!
Remember to ask your child to share something they did at school with you!!!