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Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Nature Walk to Lanspeary Park

We had a great time during our Nature Walk to Lanspeary Park today. The children were able to be reporters and scientists observing the wonderful animals, insects and all the beautiful things that grow in the environment. Everyone was excited to have their own clip board, pencil and tally sheet when we left on our adventure.

Their job was to find the items on their sheet of paper and make a tally mark each time they found one. When we were done they counted to see how many different things they found. 


During the walk, the students were also given a "duct tape bracelet" and were able to personalize it by collecting some of things they found. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gesstwood Field Trip

What an exciting day!!! 

Through the eyes of a child. Various students captured some moments!!!

Thank you to all the parent volunteers and Gesstwood staff.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Recycling Presentation

This morning the students saw a presentation from the Essex/Windsor Solid Waste Authority.

Here are some of the things they learned....

Andre- " I learned we can recycle bottles, cereal boxes and plastic boxes."
Kyiah- "We can not recycle food."
Lydia - "I learned that shoes can be made out of recycled bottles."
Brooke- "I learned from Mr. Standish what to recycle."
Yohanna- " We recycle so the trees don't get ruined and flowers don't die."
Natasha - "Now I know that Dunkaroos go in the blue box."
Cheyenne - "I learned that we have to recycle or the trees and flowers won't grow."
Ella-"I learned that water bottles go in the blue box."

Important key points to TALK with your child about:
  • the 3 R's - REDUCE  RE-USE  RECYCLE 
  • R is the 18th letter
  • Yes, Tim Horton's cup and lids can NOW be recycled
  • It is important to recycle because we want to reduce the amount of garbage and pollution, to protect the natural resources and to save land space.
  • Also, Mr. Standish discussed the importance of sorting the materials appropriately into t he red box and blue box. .

On June 10th, there is an Open House at the Essex/Windsor Solid Waste Authority facility from 10 am - 2 pm. 
For more information, look for the Enviro-tip pamphlet in your local paper or visit the website

Monday, 7 May 2012

A Building Success Story

At the block centre, we have been encouraging our students to draw what they want to create, design and build.  Last week, one of the JK students built a helicopter using the big blocks and planks.  When I asked him about his creation, he showed me the little model helicopter. A few minutes later, I saw him drawing his helicopter on the white board.  He was looking at the shapes of the blocks, naming them, and then began trying to trace them.  His success story was shared with the class, in hope to see more planning and drawing of class structures.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

It is only Wednesday, and we have explored and learned so much...

Moments I was able to capture..

Links from the math kit make beautiful jewellery

Community Visitor -- Dairy Farmer

Mrs. Wright shared information about her dairy farm discussing the process of producing milk from cows, the value of eating local foods and other key points of living on a farm.

I was very proud of the students during the question and answer period.  All students asked questions!!! 
Some of the questions asked were:
 - Are all cows black and white?
 - Does it hurt when you remove the cows horns?
 - What are boy chickens called?
 - Do you have pigs on the farm?
 - How do cows have milk?
 - Do rabbits eat carrots?

The students enjoyed experimenting and mixing colours with the ice cubes.

Glue, Salt and Water Paint --A 2 Part ART Activity

1st day -- Design a picture using white glue, then sprinkle salt over top of the wet glue. If you look carefully the salt reacts with the glue and makes it puff out.

2nd day -- Paint over top of the glue and salt mixture

Mixing colours in shaving cream


Having fun = memories that last forever!!